Meet Senior Pastor W.L. Valyan


Pastor W.L. Valyan has been a “front-line” warrior in the Lord since 
1987 when the Lord called him to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, he has allowed the Lord to utilize his gifts in the following areas: giving, faith, evangelism, and ministry of helps, wisdom and knowledge. He served as the adjutant for Pastor Levon Thurman for four years. Pastor Levon Thurman saw his faithfulness, servitude and obedience; and later appointed him as Assistant Pastor. His responsibilities consisted of overseeing the Ministry of Helps dept., establishing “The Banquet of Faith”, and outreach ministry. Through “The Banquet of Faith”, many souls were restored, delivered and healed. God also allowed him to launch into the deep with the ministry of evangelism. He continued to stay faithful and submissive under the leadership of Pastor Levon Thurman until the Lord called him into Pastoral Leadership in 1996. It wasn’t until 1999 he’d stepped out on faith and established “God’s Guiding Light Outreach Ministry”; which was later changed to “God’s Guiding Light Christian Center”. The Lord gave him the vision and mission statement for God’s Guiding Light Christian Center: “Dedicating to Making Whole People in a Broken World”. The ministry began to flourish through his anointed teachings and setting the standards for the body of Christ. Many of his family members are active members of God’s Guiding Light Christian Center.

Pastor W.L. Valyan is the Senior Pastor of God’s Guiding Light Christian Center. He is a native of Washington, Louisiana. He also retired from the U.S. Army. He and his wife, Co-Pastor Wanda Valyan works as a team in the ministry. Pastor W.L. Valyan continues to operate in the Spirit of excellence and mentors skilled and willing workers to be effective Leaders in the Kingdom of God. His long-term goal is to see the purpose and plan of God fulfilled. 

Meet Overseer Wanda Valyan


Overseer Wanda Valyan has been a “Warrior in the Spirit” since 
1989; when the Lord called her to be a Minister of the Gospel. Throughout the years, the Lord has allowed her to effectively utilize and operate in the area of evangelism, gift of giving, the Spirit of Excellence, Ministry of restoration and reconciliation, Ministry of helps, Prayer, Praise and Worship. Not only is she is a woman of integrity, but she is also a woman of purpose and strength. Mothers and daughters draw to her for Godly counseling, wisdom and unconditional love. The “Daughters of Destiny” was actually birth in the year of 1997, at the Unity Hair Design Beauty Shop; where the Lord opened up the doorway for Overseer Wanda to utilize her gifts, help others and promote the cause of Christ. The Lord allowed her to minister to many women who were going through abusive relationships, painful struggles, hardships and hurts. She began to see the vision for the “Daughters of Destiny” come to pass as the Lord began to bring in women of diverse backgrounds. Women from the all over the area begin to desire the sincere word of God through her anointed teachings, prayers and words of encouragement. Overseer Wanda continues to speak at many conferences and engagements. The “Daughters of Destiny have grown in numbers throughout the years and God continues to allow her to be a blessing to the Ministry. 

Overseer Wanda is a member of God’s Guiding Light Christian Center, where her husband, Minister W.L. Valyan is the Pastor. The scenery has changed, but not the message. Overseer Wanda continues to serve and is dedicated to reaching the unsaved and lost.

God's Guiding Light Christian Center
Pastors W.L. & Wanda Valyan
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