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Flash Animation

Motion graphics can rapidly convey mood and atmosphere, offering the opportunity to effectively distinguish your company through the Internet's leading animation technology.  Flash can be used to create exciting and effective online presentations, rapidly communicating your company's image, goals, and products through a series of animations in much the same way as a TV commercial. Add energy and excitement to your website today!

Flash Banners

A Flash Banner is an animation that runs across the top of your website to add visual interest, create motion within the design or showcase a series of photos. The sites below feature examples of Flash Banner Animations.


Flash Introductions

A Flash Introduction is an entire, dedicated animated splash page introduction to your website to create a strong initial impact and an immediate impression with your site's visitors. Unfortunately, search engines prefer home pages with TEXT CONTENT that is highly relevant to the majority of your website's information. While Flash Introductions may be popular with your site's visitors, the presence of a Flash Intro on the home page of your site may be HIGHLY detrimental to your website's performance in search engines. SBICAmerica recommends Flash Banners (as shown above) rather than a complete Flash Introduction if search engine performance is essential to your online marketing strategy. The sites below feature examples of Flash Introduction Animations.

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